Your Feedback

Thank you for visiting and your interest in our proposals. Please note this consultation formally closed on 20 November 2020. 

Please email or phone 0131 226 7225 for general enquiries.

Thank You!

Firstly, we want to say thank you to everyone who got in touch with us during our pre-application consultation. Your comments will be taken into consideration as the proposals are developed. There has been a range of feedback from different members of the community and we have provided some responses below to the key comments and questions which have been received to date.

Affordable Housing

Based on the 44 units proposed a total of 11 would be required to be affordable. The Applicant Team is engaging in pre-application discussions with the City of Edinburgh Council Affordable Housing Team and appropriate provision will be agreed in accordance with Policy Hou 6 of the Edinburgh Local Development Plan.

Proposed Building Uses

We are currently proposing around 44no flats, with a mix of different types and sizes. The proposals also include 3no commercial units which would contain office/ retail/ restaurant-café uses. We hope that the mix of uses will bring vitality and activity to the local area, helping to support a sustainable community.

Proposed Building Line, Height & Massing

The proposed building line, height, and massing has been developed following initial pre-application consultation with City of Edinburgh Council, Historic Environment Scotland, and the Edinburgh World Heritage Trust. The initial proposals have also been developed following an appraisal of the site and surrounding context, including the proposals opposite the site at the former RBS offices.

Impact on Neighbouring Buildings

The planning application will be accompanied by supporting information, including a design & access statement and daylight & sunlight assessment to demonstrate there will be no unacceptable impacts on neighbouring properties resulting from the proposed development. Regarding insulation/sound proofing, the proposed development will comply with the relevant building standards. Engineers have been aiding with the design development to ensure the structure and integrity of the proposed new building and neighbouring buildings will be maintained.

Parking and Traffic

Within the lowest level of the development we are currently proposing to provide 108no cycle spaces and 33no car parking spaces, 2no of which are designed to be accessible and 6no of which incorporate electrical vehicle charging points. This provision is in accordance with the Edinburgh Design Guidance for the number of flats proposed. The site is well connected to public transport and active travel routes, in addition to being within walking distance of the city centre. We therefore anticipate that most of the car parking demand can be accommodated by the proposed 33no car parking spaces on site. The allocation of any on-street permit parking will be agreed with City of Edinburgh Council once the planning application has been determined. Should planning permission be granted for the proposed development, there will also be an appropriate construction management plan agreed with City of Edinburgh Council to ensure that, during the demolition / construction phase, there are not any unacceptable impacts on neighbouring accesses and roads.

Loss of Trees

We are proposing to remove the existing trees around the building. Historic Environment Scotland and City of Edinburgh Council Planning have been consulted and do not oppose this loss of trees.

Building Reuse

The project team have fully considered the re-use of the existing building however there were various factors which have led to this not being progressed. Further detail will be provided in the Planning Statement and Design and Access Statement to be submitted with the planning application.  A new build development was considered to be the preferred option in this instance.

Construction & Timescales

We are hoping to submit the planning application for the proposed development during early December 2020. There is no fixed timeline for the development post-planning. A construction management plan is likely to be requested to control the construction, including hours of working. This will ensure that, during the demolition / construction phases, there are not any unacceptable impacts on neighbouring buildings or the surrounding community.


We hope this response is helpful and once the application has been submitted, you will also have the opportunity to make formal comments to City of Edinburgh Council as planning authority.